Frameland Industries S.A.

Frameland Industries S.A.位于美洲地区,结合FRAMECAD技术在加勒比海和中美地区提供着优质的住房解决方案。 包括社会型住房,商业型建筑等等。

Frameland Industries S.A.

America - Miami / 美国, 迈阿密

Frameland Industries is ideally located to provide light gauge steel framing solutions to anywhere in the Americas region. Using the FRAMECAD System, Frameland provides quality housing solutions throughout the Carribean and Central America, including social housing.

The stength and durability of the cold-formed FRAMECAD steel framing system used by Frameland makes it ideal for high wind and seismic zones.

The materials, including the steel, which Frameland's projects are constructed with are designed and tested to with stand the conditions, making steel framing with Frameland a quality choice.Steel frame construction follows the same finishing process as a traditional construction made out of concrete or bricks, therefore, local contrators can carry our completing works without special skills or equipment.

Frameland Industries S.A.


  • F325iT轻钢成型设备


  • Structure 结构软件

    FRAMECAD Structure结构软件可以根据项目所在地的设计规范进行设计信息输入,工程整体受力计算,杆件受力分析,结构校核,让检查工程合规性变得轻而易举。

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