Prefabricated Construction

Light, accuarate and highly versatile. Cold Formed Steel Prefabrication allows for quick and efficient assembly of Walls, Joists and Trusses

Prefabricated Systems

The highly accurate and accelerated production of the FRAMECAD system means that walls, trusses and joists can be prefabricated off site at rapid speed. The streamlined FRAMECAD roll forming equipment takes up minimal space and allows for easy assembly.

Gain a greater degree of quality control in a factory environment compared to on-site construction. The efficient and accurate nature of prefabrication allows projects to be produced accurately to design and specification. 

Benefits of Prefabricated Systems with FRAMECAD

  • Shorter and predictable build times – not impacted by the weather or by the availability of other trades
  • CFS is a waste-conscious construction methodology and can have a minimum site impact
  • Fewer materials and deliveries to site – delivering modular units and panels to site requires far fewer journeys than traditional methods
  • Safer working conditions – factories provide far more predictable health and safety environments compared to constructing sites
  • Improved Design Capabilities - Working off site allows for complicated engineered designs to be assembled in a controlled environment with high quality management
  • The ability to assemble wall, floor, and trusses sections offsite, and can save as much as 75% off a construction project’s field time

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