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BYGCOM is the leading producer of steel constructions in Denmark. BYGCOM produces and delivers light steel constructions all over Denmark and the northern part of Europe.  – Whether its trusses, exterior walls, interior walls, load carrying walls or other specific tasks. Using only the newest software and 3D modelling. BYGCOM minimizes failures during the building process. BYGCOM is working progressively to replace traditional building materials with products that can be used in traditional ways, save money and time during building process.

We provide architects, house owners and entrepreneurs the freedom to express their architectural dreams without mixing materials and making compromises with the quality and prize. Design-freedom, energy-saving, easy maintenance, money-savings, versatile and quality are all facts that is associated with BYGCOM. BYGCOM offers lightgaugesteel-profile-systems that has the highest “weight to strength” ratio on the market. It is very flexible, compatible and cost-efficient. We offer the best quality lighgaugesteel-profiles delivered as complete elements or as separate profiles.

At BYGCOM we have a close co-operation with architects and entrepreneurs.

Step 1: BYGCOM receives drawing-material for a new project.

Step 2: BYGCOM optimizes the project to light steel framing as main construction and make the essential statistic calculations.

Step 3: BYGCOM sends production drawings to the top modern lightgaugesteel-Machine.

Step 4: BYGCOM assembly the produced elements and delivers at the building site. Step 5: House is ready for assembling at the building site.



  • F325iT轻钢成型设备


  • Structure 结构软件

    FRAMECAD Structure结构软件可以根据项目所在地的设计规范进行设计信息输入,工程整体受力计算,杆件受力分析,结构校核,让检查工程合规性变得轻而易举。

  • Detailer 详图设计软件

    FRAMECAD Detailer是一款功能强大的轻钢详图设计软件,拥有极强的灵活性。可以根据建筑详图中的设计信息输入软件,软件自动转化为龙骨图然后投入生产。

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