Dynamic Steel Frame

Dynamic Steel Frame 是一家以客户为中心的轻钢框架制造商,总部位于澳大利亚的墨尔本,主要业务涉及商业建筑,家庭住宅建筑,装配式建筑,工厂式建筑等。

Dynamic Steel Frame



Dynamic Steel Frame is a vibrant, customer focused light steel frame manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. We manufacture Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems for commercial and domestic housing, transportable buildings, kit homes, factories, pods, facades, office fit-outs and more. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Dynamic Steel Frame uses the most advanced steel framing system available in the world today, combining design and engineering software with an automated rollformer to produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists and panels quickly and accurately.With our broad experience we offer innovative solutions to your challenges.We manufacture for all segments of the building industry, including commercial, light industrial, investment housing, low cost housing, high end bespoke homes, apartment multi-residential, owner builder, cladding and façade builders and even Tiny House. 

Owner builders benefit from our expert level of detailing skill and the personal service given on your important investment.Erectors and builders appreciate the light weight frames being faster and easier to erect. For example, a 7.5 metre wall frame can easily be carried and installed by two men, roof trusses can be lifted into place by hand.Commercial builders love the reduced program times available by using Light Gauge Steel for their multi-story residential projects, with less trades on site and faster erection times.Façade and cladding experts can expect extremely accurate frames and sub-assemblies in some pretty outrageous shapes.Everyone recognises the advantages from eliminating waste and mess on site.


FRAMECAD客户视频:Dynamic Steel Frame - 通过FRAMECAD系统打造澳洲最大的轻钢公寓建筑



Dynamic Steel Frame


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