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Intellisteel has chosen the world’s most advanced, end to end, steel frame design and manufacturing system to power its mobile, on-site steel framing factories and offices. Each mobile factory develops practical solutions that streamline steel frame design & build process, cutting production time and delivering a quality end result.

Behind Intellisteel’s on-site rapid design-build mobile factory solution is a ground- breaking combination of the industry’s leading computer-aided engineering software and production equipment together  with the industry’s fastest framing solution available. In addition, the solution is complete with on-site design, and every aspect of automated manufacturing.

Intellisteel and its innovative process enable construction of all types of low to mid-rise construction projects to benefit from advanced project schedules and reduced project budgets. With superior material benefits found inherent to cold formed steel versus traditional material methodologies, owners, developers, architects and engineers are quickly discovering the advantages of Intellisteel’s most advanced on-site construction process in the U.S.



  • 视频: 美国Intellisteel三层高轻钢结构养老建筑


  • F325iT轻钢成型设备


  • Structure 结构软件

    FRAMECAD Structure结构软件可以根据项目所在地的设计规范进行设计信息输入,工程整体受力计算,杆件受力分析,结构校核,让检查工程合规性变得轻而易举。

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