Network Framing Solutions, LLC

Network Framing Solutions, LLC 位于美国,是一家生产预制式轻钢墙架,面板和桁架系统的公司.

Network Framing Solutions, LLC


Recognizing an increasing market demand for getting buildings out the ground and turned over to the owner in record time, Network Framing Solutions was opened in June 2018.

The goal of the company is to provide a highly accurate system of pre-fabricated steel walls, panels joints and trusses that conform to detailed design specifications, allowing a highly accelerated schedule. Through the use of FRAMECAD machines in a state-of -the- art facility we are able to exercise extreme quality control so the job is right the first time , every time. We believe that you will agree that through prefabrication we are able to meet and exceed today’s challenges for accurate, fast, efficient metal frame design and construction.

As the only manufacturer and installer of this system in Connecticut our goal is to assist owners and contractors in meeting their budgets, specifications, and schedules. We use a qualified workforce that has been safety trained, E-verified, and provide them with the appropriate PPE to meet the jobsite needs.

Network Framing Solutions, LLC


  • 中层住宅 & 商业型建筑


  • TF550H轻钢成型设备


  • Structure 结构软件

    FRAMECAD Structure结构软件可以根据项目所在地的设计规范进行设计信息输入,工程整体受力计算,杆件受力分析,结构校核,让检查工程合规性变得轻而易举。

  • F325iT轻钢成型设备


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