Picton ITM

Picton ITM位于大洋洲,结合FRAMECAD的技术能快速的生产轻钢结构,并能快速准确的运输到施工现场完成建筑建造。

Picton ITM

NZ/Pacific / 大洋洲,新西兰


Picton building centre ITM we use the most advanced steel framing system available in the world today, combining design and engineering software with an automated rollformer to produce 89mm and 150mm (LGS) Light Gauge Steel Framing wall frames, floor and roof panels webbed rafters and joist quickly and accurately using FRAMECADs software and machines 

Our steel framing is rapidly fabricated then ‘stood, strapped and wrapped’, before being delivered to site. Onsite erection can then be completed by builders quickly and accurately, saving time and cost. Picton Building Centre can also provide FRAMECAD Certified connectors and fasteners and building products required to complete construction.

Picton ITM


  • F325iT轻钢成型设备


  • Structure 结构软件

    FRAMECAD Structure结构软件可以根据项目所在地的设计规范进行设计信息输入,工程整体受力计算,杆件受力分析,结构校核,让检查工程合规性变得轻而易举。

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